Thursday, August 10, 2017

Whale Fantasia/Wiki 3

          Week 3   Whale Fantasia
This afternoon I am going to jump off a boat to go swimming with the humpback whales.I am as excited as if I was going to disneyland for a holiday.I put on my gear and jump “wow”.The water is as clear as glass and the sun is as bright as a flame.I go deeper and deeper down  into the water, it gets blacker and blacker and  it is as black as diesel.I see some very tiny fish they are as tiny as a kernel. Suddenly I pop up into a cave “WOW” It is as sparkly as a sapphire it stuns my eyes.This is paradise.Now we are getting up to the enormouse large humpback whales. Their barnacles on the soft fleshy back are as rough as concrete.Their tails are as extremely big they are as big as a building.Their tummies are as wrinkly as a old grandpas skin.Their mouths are enormously My legs are sore  like I have just ran a 90 mile  marathon. Suddenly it was time to pop up.Nooo I said in my head I want to stay with the gigantic whales.But my dive tank was going to run out so had to come up.2 minutes later……………. I came up.I had so much fun swimming with the whales today.I hope I can do this again again.  

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  1. Hi Talia i like the way you write From Arabella and Mikaere.


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