Monday, August 29, 2016

Rio Rainforest

Rio RainforestJungle, Rainforest, Lines ...

WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing.
We know we have done this when:
  • We have painted a picture with our words.
  • Made the reader want to read on.
  • Used more than 4 similes.
  • Used lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

Extra things that we need to keep an eye on…..
Capital letters and full stops.

Click on the URL below and rewatch the Rio Rainforest short clip.
You can rewind and stop and start as much as you need to. You need to describe the change you go through when changing from a creature to a human or a human to a creature, your choice.  

Think about the ability to move in certain ways, the sensation of having a tail etc.  Lines such as “Suddenly I could smell the scent of meat in the air, it hadn’t been there before.”,  “ I heard a noise in the grass in front of me, the sound of a mouse breathing etc.”

Go onto the padlet and brainstorm some ideas to help you. Padlet

            RIO RAINFOREST

I hear the crackling in the bushes  and the sound of thunder and lightning  the thunder and lightning are booming like a drum. I look over to the Rio Olympics I see the gymnasts  playing I see the best gymnast in the world  she has won a gold medal.I sit on top of the tallest tree in the forest and I hear the crowd cheering. I wonder what it would be like to be Simone Bile.The best of all gymnasts.She is only 19 years old.She has won 16 gold medals this year at the Rio Olympics but I will never become her because I’m a lazy old sloth.I still believe that I could be her if I train better and better . I start to train for my big game.I stretch my long muscle leg and twist my flexible wrists.Then I spin and spin my long stretchy arms they are as stretchy as a slinky. My first game is going to start. First  I am on bar, I pretend it is a bar but it really is a twisty vine the vine is as twisty as a dried apple skin.I do a full twist  into a spin I land my full twist and I win the silver medal I can't believe that I won a silver medal.

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  1. Ni Hao Talia My name is Jazmine from Greymain School From Mamaku Hub.
    Hi Talia WOW your Rio Rain Forest Has A Lot Of Detail In It And I love the way you have put effort in your Rio rain forest.
    By Jazmine


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