Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lost in the bush!!!!!!

Blood, A Drop Of, Red, Blob
Gravestone, Grave, Cemetery ...
Blood, A Drop Of, Red, Blob

I’m in a bush I’m lost I can't find a way back to the car. I can hear the crunchy leaves against my feet.  
I can see the wiry tree branches  up above me hanging to try and get me. I can see the flax moving in the wind trying to grab my feet.I hear a voice call out to me she  said “lalalalalalalalala I’m going to get you” in a slow voice likennabelle she had blood as red as a pukekos beak dripping down her face like water going down your throat.Then I see the path to the way out but I don't know what way to go so I go right and I start to run because she is chasing me then I see a gravestone when I was running someone died there  then I started to get really scared.Then I see a broken chair it is in bits and pieces they were as broken as glass.Then I see beautiful white swans they are as white as the clouds in the sky.I turn around then I see a locked up gate now I'm trapped where am I going to go why is that gate locked.Is there something over there like a masion to pretect  it.That lady is still trying to get me.So I jumped the swamp and started running then I ran on the grass and the lady starts to get puffed.Then I jumped the swamp again and I started to run I follow the path the other way. Then I see my car I am relieved that I found my family.I can wait to get home to my bed.Im home and it is 7:30 pm and Im tierd I hope I dont have any nightmare.I wake up and Im fin Im glad that that is over and done with.
By Thalia
Walt write a descriptive piece of writing