Friday, August 26, 2016

The Dream Giver

The Dream Giver
WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing
We know we have done this when:
  • We have painted a picture with our words.
  • Made the reader want to read on.
  • Used more than 4 similes.
  • Used lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

Extra things that we need to keep an eye on…..
Capital letters and full stops.

Click on the URL below and re-watch the Dream Giver short clip.
You can rewind and stop and start as much as you need to. This will help you when you need to describe the Dream Giver.

Go onto the padlet and brainstorm some ideas to help you. Padlet

It's a dark cold night and I'm getting ready for my journey.I get into my old ,stinky shower and I wash my stinky old,hairy legs.I wash my old wrinkly face and my hair, wait I don't have any.Then I polish my holy wings.I wash my old chipped teeth.Now I’m off.  

I fly above the old rusty, orphanage down blow. I fly into a cold old cottage down below. I open the creaky old door it sounds like it's going to snap in half. I look at the address of the house and put it in my book of addresses and then I make my way in.

I see some little children that are having bad dreams. So I get started.I get my shiny, gold, smooth egg  and then I get over to my first child and she wants to be a ballet dancer so I get out a shiny golden egg and I crack it open.The golden egg tips  on top of the little ballet shoes, Now she is having good dreams.

Now let's go to the next person and he wanted to be a astronaut in space. Now let’s do all the rest of the children.There is only 1 kid left and there are 2 eggs left.  Then boom a boy kicked a egg off his bed and kicked it on to the shadow serpent. Oh no now the children are having bad dreams and the a little boy is in a bad sensuality. The shadow surpent is trying to eat him but then I cracked my last egg on a tree and it grew on top of the shadow serpent. Now I can go home.Swish I fly out of the orphanage as fast as a cheetah.I fly back to my lab and go to bed I can’t wait till I go to sleep.

The End

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  1. Ni Hao Talia It Is Me Again Jazmine In Mamaku Hub At Greymain School.
    Hi Talia I Love The Way You did a Dream Giver. You Have A Lot Of Detail In Your Writing And You have Capital Letters And you Have Full Stops.
    By Jazmine From Mamaku Hub


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