Friday, March 31, 2017

Tom Trueheart

Tom Trueheart             
Make a copy, rename and start your writing on your copy.

"Tom Trueheart must rescue his six brothers and their Princess brides from the Land of Dark Stories."  
Tom is the hero of the story.
"He has a special sword,  He has courage, He has purpose, There is only one problem, he is the size of a thumb."

Click on the url below and watch the short clip

Before you start writing think about the following questions:
What has happened to Tom’s brothers and their Princess Brides? How have they been captured and why?
What do you think Tom will do to rescue them? What does his plan involve?
Do you think that being the size of a thumb is going to be a disadvantage or an advantage?

WALT use adjectives to describe a setting.
WALT write a rescue operation for Tom’s family, remembering that Tom is only the size of a thumb.

We know we have done this when:
We have described the opening scene in detail. What do we see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

We have planned a rescue operation thinking about how Tom is going to save his family.

Go to this padlet Tom Trueheart and start writing your ideas, words feelings adjectives similies and metaphors.

Once this is completed you can publish it on your personal blog.
Tom Trueheart

One day I was standing in the cold soft snow with birds chirping and branches snapping. I was scared but brave at the same time.I could not hold a normal sword that my brothers have. There is only one problem I am the size of a thumb.So I make everything myself but my favorite thing is my sword it is as sharp as a knife.Then I start to worry I just found out that my brothers and their princess brides are captured by the trolls.They have hated us for years and years because we are rich and they are poor.They don't have enough money to buy food.Last year we gave them $300 for food and then they just used it all in a day.Then we decided to not give them money again.So they were furious and so they probably  took my brothers and there princess brides.So I have a plan to save my brothers and their princess brides.So I am going to get my sword and I forgot to tell you that it has special powers.I just tell it to turn me into something or get bigger or go invisible and even get stronger .I can turn into heaps of thing  and so I tell it to turn me into a giant bird and so I fly to the castle. Then I land I tell it to turn me invisible so I can pick up a pan and whack it around the guard’s head. So I sneak up behind the guard’s and BING down goes the guard and then the other one BONG oops sorry not.So I run to my brothers and their brides they were tied up to a pole and then I said to my sword make me not invisible and bring me back normal. So I can use you to get my brothers and there princess brides.I chop them off the pole and I said let's go we should go before they wake up.We go to the gate to open it and we opened it we ran as fast as a cheetah.We went back to the forest.But so how did I get there I was only the size of a thumb but remember my sword remember it can turn me into things.So I told it to turn me into a giant and so I got home…..a few moments later we made a house out of wood metal and also a part of a tree for a table.I said to my brothers and there princess brides I hope you don't get taken again by those stupid trolls again that was a big mission to get yous but it was worth it.I like this adventure so much it was fun I just figured out you don't have to be a normal person to save people from big things.We sat down and  I made a kettle of  tea we had a cup of tea and a  gingerbread cookie and eventually we fell asleep.The End        

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