Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canterbury Swim School

                                                          TALIA TAURUA
WALT improve our swimming
skills.We know we have done this when

  • we have mastered freestyle.
  • we have mastered backstroke.
  • we have gained more confidence in the water.

Because we are surrounded by water in New Zealand,being able to swim is very important.This week we have started our 10 lesson intensive course.Day 2 video below.


  1. Ni Hao Talia It Is me Jazmine From Mamaku 2 At Greymain School.
    WOW You are so good at swimming You Have Done 10 Lessons In your Swimming you are such a pro Talia.
    What Is your favorite thing about swimming

  2. Kia Ora Talia I am Llewellyn. I am from Grey Main School. You look like you are doing great at swimming. How much do you like swimming? This reminds me of when i did swimming lesions. poroporoaki (bye)

  3. Kia Ora Talia My name is Caitlyn K from Grey Main School In Mamaku. I like your swimming skills. I like the video of you doing swimming. What made you so good at swimming? Do you like Swimming? What sort of skills do you like and do at swimming? Well done Talia!! :)
    Noho Ora Mai Please check out my blog at anytime! here is the link.
    From Caitlyn K


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